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Check out our scrumptious Spitbraai’s. These menus run straight through most major dates and holidays. With a choice of Lamb, Beef or Pork and many extras to choose from – this menu is always a winner! Please visit our Menu Page for additional information on the different menu variations we offer. Whether it’s for a Corporate or Private event, work function, staff function or private event, we cater for it all.


Good luck in choosing between steak, chops, nuggets, chicke, sushi, chicken, wors and ribs for the braai – Our bowl food is absolutely delicious and enough to fill any starter menu platter for any event going forward. These are perfect for larger events such as weddings, memorial services, corporate functions or team events. Contact us today for more information on which Bowl Foods we offer. We’d love to hear from you!


Canapes are luxurious snacks perfect for any occasion. Some variations include but are not limited to:


  • Peach and Prosciutto Canapés.
  • Smoked Salmon Mousse Canapés.
  • Canapé Toast Squares.
  • Asparagus-Blue Cheese Canapés.
  • Cranberry-Goat Cheese Canapés.
  • Watercress Canapés.
  • Mushroom Polenta Canapés.
  • Salmon Canapes With Horseradish Cream.


Our Catering has been an elite catering company in South Africa for many years. Serving tantalizing entrees and sweet desserts, our Catering will provide you with an outstanding catering experience on your wedding day. As leaders in the catering industry, we are a dynamic team with years of experience in food. The team at Catering 4 You is committed to delivering both superb customer service and innovative cuisine. Allow our Catering to create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere filled with laughter and great conversations in between bites of their delicious dishes on your special day. Creating an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

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